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This wiki chronicles an expedition to the new world, in particular a mission to explore an island west of Port Salvadore, the intrepid souls that undertook it, and the events that followed.

The GameEdit

Carcosa is a role-playing game, set in the weird fantasy universe of an alternate Earth. The year is 1498. Brave explorers, with the support of Holy Mother Church and Their Catholic Majesties, have begun conquest of the New World. It has been almost 50 years since land was first discovered to the west, across an ocean thought to be uncrossable. Since then, pressures to discover an alternate trade route to the Indies have produced a series of ruinously expensive ventures into the unknown. The success of a few, and the boundless riches they bring home, become a siren's song, luring prince and pauper alike out into perilous waters.

Our game uses the Nemesis system. The island is inspired from a short story by Robert W Chambers, as well as the game supplement of the same name written by Geoffrey McKinney.

Cast of CharactersEdit

Don Angelino de la Vega, Count of Costronada, in command of the expedition. (deceased)

Doctor Sebarstyn Thord, Ship's Physician. (deceased)

Brother Grollin, a Templar from The Order of Cleansing Flame. (deceased)

Benoit St. Crux , The down on his luck former dualing champion.

Supporting CastEdit

  • Moses the Moor, a sailor on the Incendio.
  • Juan Bertram, Captain of the Incendio.
  • Mariangela, Catpain Bertram's young neice.
  • Alan Fabiola, a gentleman dramatist and vagabond.
  • Don Grey Ramigio, chief financier and banker.
  • Josslyn, a middle aged woman traveling to meet her new husband.
  • Guistina Lark, a lascivious woman escaping her life in Spain.
  • Leopoldo Tancredi, man-at-arms in service to Don Angelino.
  • Innocenzo Apolinar, a pious young spanish sailor on the Incendio.
  • Brother Reynald, a Chronicler sent with the Order of Cleansing Flame.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Don Luis Nina, rival explorer who first discovered the isle of Carcosa.
  • Armando De Vasca, a monk sequestered by his order after he returned from the New World quite mad.


Episode 1: A Dream of Lumen Princes

Don Angelino and a crew of explorers, soldiers, and settlers set sail for the New World. A handful awaken halfway through their voyage to discover they are adrift through phosporescent waters. The rest of the crew and passengers have mysteriously vanished. Those that remain aboard the ship must find a way to survive the ocean, the terrible creature that made off with their shipmates, and themselves.

Episode 2: Keepers of The Hideous Spiral Dance

The Incendio has arrived at Port Salvadore only to discover the town is abandoned. The group is stretched to the breaking point as everyone realizes the nightmare is not over and that whatever happened aboard their ship happened here as well. They must find out how to reverse it or spend the rest of their lives in an empy world.

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